Scar Remover: Your Treatment Options

In our daily lives, we frequently encounter situations that can cause us bodily harm and leave us scarred for life both mentally and physically. My best friend, James, was hit by a drunk driver in his early 20s and has had to live the last decade with the painful memories of this event prominently displayed across his face in the form of severe scarring. Fortunately, there are now many scar remover products and procedures on the market that are showing some promising signs as effective treatments to reduce the size of scars and help many people get their life and their self-esteem back on track. These miraculous treatments have recently made huge strides in terms of their affordability and their safety ratings.

Although scars can be caused by a variety of reasons such as severe accidents, as in the case of my friend James, they can also be caused by bites from animals, sports injuries, and even severe acne. Although scars are typically seen as a negative thing in our society, they are actually a natural process in our bodies used to promote the healthy healing of deep lesions or wounds which affect the deepest layers of our skin.

Many people seek scar removal in order to end the years of torment and suffering caused by significant scarring especially on the face. Still others seek treatment to remove what others might consider minor scarring. With our society’s focus on physical perfection and idolization of beautiful actors and actresses, it is no wonder that many people push themselves to endure painful surgeries and procedures in the pursuit of this perfection. The following paragraphs will attempt to describe some of the most popular medical treatment options for scarring and should, in most cases, be reserved for scars which are severe. Minor cases of scarring are better treated by topical solutions such as lotions and gels.

Medical Procedures Used as a Scar Remover

With the literal explosion of e-commerce and online businesses, many companies who have developed treatments for scars have made information concerning their products and procedures available online in an open forum. As a country that is heavily focused on physical appearances, this explosion in treatment options for scarring should come as no surprise. However, medical treatment for scar removal should, in most cases, be reserved for severe cases due to its cost and potentially dangerous side effects. In the following paragraphs, I will cover some of the most common medical procedures currently enjoying wide popularity for the treatment of scar tissue. As with all products and procedures related to your health, it is always vital to consult with a doctor prior to beginning any treatment in order to avoid adverse side effects.

A medical procedure that is enjoying a great deal of popularity in the treatment of scarring is known as laser resurfacing. This process uses highly focused laser beams in order to safely and painlessly burn areas of skin affected by scarring. It has shown positive results in helping to remove significant scarring and reduce the severity of a scar’s appearance. This procedure is quite expensive and may require multiple sessions in order to be effective and see results. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of several thousand dollars for a series of four to six sessions.

Another medical procedure that can help with the treatment of scars is widely known as needling. Needling is a more affordable alternative to the laser resurfacing technique mentioned above but, according to online reviews, can frequently be quite painful when drilling in to scar tissue. It works by destroying the collagen fibers contained in the scar tissue in order to promote the creation of additional new collagen fibers. This revolutionary technique can affect the deep layers of the skin while leaving the surface relatively untouched. Although some tools which use this needling technique are sold online for home use, it is recommended that you get this procedure done professionally due to the risk of serious damage to deep tissue nerves if done incorrectly.

Injections are also a proven method for improving the appearance of scars and reducing their severity. Some of the most popular forms include collagen injection and steroid injection which both can facilitate both the strengthening of underlying healthy tissue as well as the thinning of some types of scar tissue. This procedure is not as invasive as some others listed above and is typically a cheaper option than either laser therapy or needling. As with the previous techniques discussed here, this is best done by a medical professional.

Silicone gel or sheeting is a technique that has been around for nearly a decade and has enjoyed a wide array of support from the dermatological community as a relatively inexpensive and safe method to promote scar removal. In its sheet form, silicon is applied via an adhesive backing to a scar for a prolonged period. The silicone then leeches into the skin and facilitates the healing of the tissue in the dermis layer. Due to the fact that it requires the user to wear a sheet covering the entire scar, it is not well suited for facial scars. However, in gel form, this silicone can easily be applied to the face with minimal impact on the life of the user.

Get Started Today with a Scar Remover

Although the tendency is to attempt to treat scars as soon as possible, it is actually necessary to hold off on all treatments until the scar heals entirely. Any treatment that affects an open wound could, in some cases, cause severe infection. With no shortage of medical options on the market today as well as a wealth of knowledge available online concerning the pros and cons of each procedure, it pays to do your homework before starting deciding on a scar remover technique. Getting painful, unsightly scars removed can make a world of difference in your appearance and can drastically improve your self-esteem.

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