Scar Treatment Cream: A New Hope A New Makeover


Scars may be referred to as patches of fibrous tissue left on the skin due to accidents, burns, surgery, disease or any other kind of trauma. In fact, scarring of the skin is a natural part of healing set into motion by the biological wound repair process of the human body. One cannot deny that scars can be quite embarrassing in life, often responsible for a low self-confidence. A scar treatment cream is the hope that helps minimise the scars and improve the quality of both, skin and life.

The Scar Treatment Cream

The medical market today offers various scar treatment creams that can be obtained over-the-counter and without prescription. However, before going for these creams it is always wise to take professional advice. Such creams help to fade away the scars and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Highlighted below are some scar treatment creams that have been known to bring about a positive change to the scarred skin.

Quantum Health Derma Scar Cream is an effective formula that works gently on the skin making it visibly better. The herbal cream targets stretch marks, burn scars, blemishes and surgery scars. It is also suitable for calluses and softens hardened skin. Composed of natural non-toxic ingredients such as aloe vera, beeswax, olive oil etc this skin treatment cream comes as a relief for many.

Mederma is another cream that doctor’s recommend to treat scars with. Available without a prescription, the cream works on both, new as well as old scars making them lighter. This gel cream is lightweight and non-greasy and can be safely used for surgery, acne and burn scars. It is also useful for lightening stretch marks.

Dermefface Fx7 is considered to be a magical cream for scars. Clinical studies indicate that the cream’s active ingredients like symglucan, pentavitin, Di-panthenol, vitalayer, allantoin etc enhance skin-quality and act on the scars like magic. Rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizers the cream accelerates healing and brings about smoothening of the skin. The scars are visibly diminished according to the consumer surveys carried out.

Sudden Change Scar Zone A is an acne treatment and scar diminishing cream with salicyclic acid as an effective active ingredient. This cream works well for people with sensitive skin too. A wise choice especially for acne scars.

Revitol is one more trusted brand for skin treatments. The cream is beneficial for both sexes and addresses a wide spectrum of scars. Be it the minor burn scars or those resulting from complicated surgeries and tummy tucke, Revitol is a good cream to use.

Scarfade is a topical silicone gel that can be applied just like a cream. It can be worn even under cosmetics and is also tolerated well by kids. Scar fade is especially effective for beauty scars and laser erythema. It keeps the skin moisturised and is comfortable to wear for long durations of time.

Scars can be depressing. They look ugly and sometimes one finds himself or herself rather helpless. At such times, a scar treatment cream is a silver lining that suggests hope. The scars may not dissapear totally, but a positive change is sure to follow.


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