The Basics of Scar Healing


Scar healing can take months or even years. It all depends on the nature of the scar. Scars are formed as part of the natural healing process after injury. The type of scar formed is different depending on the size, depth and the cause of the injury.

Scars formed after injury may be smaller or larger than the injured part, depending on how the wound heals. For example, scars caused by burns may cause the skin to tighten, thus the scar appears smaller than the burnt area. A mass of tissue is formed once the wound has healed. This tissue is what appears as the scar.

Some scars are itchy while others are not. Some of the scars heal naturally while others require medical treatment. The scar healing process can be sped up. What we eat can be a contributing factor to the healing process. Healthy foods speed up whereas toxic foods slow down the healing process. However, some scars may be permanent or take too long to heal, even with proper nutrition. In such cases medical attention is necessary.

Scar Tissue Healing

A mass of tissue develops as part of the wound healing process. This mass is referred to as scar tissue. Scar tissues have to be replaced with normal body tissues to get rid of the scars.

The healing process takes place in four stages

  • Stage 1: Inflammation


  • Stage 2: Cell proliferation stage


  • Stage 3: Maturation stage


  • Stage 4: Remodeling stage

When an injury occurs, Red blood cells and platelets work to stop bleeding and protect entry of germs to the injured site. The process of collagen formation speeds up and edges of the wound pull together. After sometime the excess collagen and scar tissues are eliminated.

Natural Scar Healing

Scars can heal naturally without using any medication or chemicals. Injuries that are not deep and wide leave scars that heal naturally.

Some of the natural remedies that can accelerate the scar healing process include:

  • Fruits


  • Vegetables


  • Vegetable oils


  • Fluids


  • Massage


  • Sleep


  • Herbs

Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins that are essential for the wound healing process. Massage causes relaxation thus increasing blood flow. This speeds up tissue formation. Enough rest is also important for the healing process.

Medical Scar Healing

Some scars don’t just heal by themselves. Medical help has to be sought to treat these scars. Examples of such scars ate those caused by surgery.

Medical remedies in scars treatment include:


  • Injections


  • Skin grafts


  • Excision


  • Demarbrasion

One may be required to use more than one method of scar healing to get the desired result. The method used will depend on the nature of the wound. Before undertaking any of this measures make sure you consult on the risks involved and the long term effects.

Factors that Slow Down Healing

The rate at which a scar heals is dependent on a number of factors. How the scar was formed and our day to day practices slow down healing. Some factors slow down healing even, if we get the best scar treatment.

Examples of such factors include:

  • Poorly formed wound edges


  • Poor food intake


  • Poor intake of fluids


  • Improper blood circulation


  • Intake of toxic food substances


  • Lack of exercise

With poor nutrition, the body will not get enough nutrients to build up new tissues. Toxic substances slow down scar healing. Certain disease conditions and lack of exercise slow down movement of blood. Proper blood flow is essential for wound healing.

After an injury, new tissues formed are much stronger. This reduces the risk of our skin being damaged again. However, for our tissues to heal properly and the scarred area to become stronger than before, several things have to be put into consideration. During scar healing, new cells are formed to replace the dead ones. Proper diet plays a key role in building our body cells. Exercise is also essential, because it plays a key part in blood circulation.

There are a wide range of medical options for slow healing and permanent scars. However, these processes are very delicate. Do a thorough research on how to get rid of scars before trying out any medical procedure. Some may have negative long term effects that may be bad for your skin. Medical procedures also go hand in hand with proper diet and exercise. Your doctor should be able to prescribe changes you should make to your diet. Scar healing is a naturally occurring process that can be sped by helping cells revive faster.





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