The Best Scar Treatment Burns Cream


For most of us, we can go through our lives only picking up the odd scar here and there, and in most cases they don’t bother us. In fact, when it comes to men, scars can be seen more of a status symbol, rather than something that they want to hide.

Women on the other hand, tend to want to hide their scars, and if they are on the facial area, then they will usually try and cover them up with makeup, or have some kind of treatment to lessen the scarring. When it comes to scars caused by burning though, they are almost impossible to cover up, and so some better treatment is required, such as using the best scar treatment burns creams.

Studies have shown that scarring by burns is more prevalent before we reach the age of 12. This is because as we grow up, we become inquisitive, and like to test things. That is how we become the people we are today. However, this results in a lot of accidents when we are young, the vast majority of them are luckily minor.

Severe accidents do happen to children though, and one of the most frequent types of burns is via hot liquids. Accidents from pans and kettles containing boiling water are gratefully rare, but a lot more accidents happen with cups of hot coffee and tea, this can cause scarring over a wide area.

Kids being what they are, tend to open cupboards, and test things, and it is not unusual for them to go hunting for something to play with under the sink, and opening up bottles. If the cupboard is not locked, which it should be if it contains dangerous chemicals, then things like oven cleaners can cause serious burns.

So if you have kids 12 or under, then put a lock on cupboards that contain dangerous products, a simple combination lock costs less than $10, and is easy to fit. A very small price to pay to prevent your child having to spend their life covered in scar tissue.

Another way that children can suffer from burns is when they touch a hot part of a cooker, whether it is either the oven area itself, or the electric or gas hob. If you have young kids in the house, and you are using the hob, then use the ones at the back, and do not leave pan handles hanging over the edge. If the oven is on, it is safer to just keep children out of the kitchen.

By far the worst burns that a child can receive though are those from fire. It is amazing how many kids end up in hospital every year with serious burns after they had got to close to a fire, and their clothes have burst into flames.

This type of accident can cause serious scarring all over the body, and does result in death in some really serious cases. If this happens to a child when you are around, put the fire out as quickly as possible. Never ever try and remove the clothing.

Then place a cold compress on the burnt area, if it is a large area, then put the child in a bath with enough cold water to cover the wounds, or use a wet towel. Then call the ambulance. Control the burns before requesting help, as you will be doing the patient a big favor.

For people with scars, who want to try and either get rid of them, or reduce their visibility, you can try using the best scar treatment burns creams. There are a number on the market, and they work in similar ways, but as they contain different chemicals, it is worth trying a few of them.

The best scar treatment burns creams work by softening the scarring in the affected area. If it contains steroids, then it can also help to promote the growth of new skin cells. For those people who have severe scarring, then there is usually only one option available, and that is surgery.

In most cases scar tissue is removed and replaced with a skin graft. For deep scarring, a skin flap with its own blood supply will be used.


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