The Best Scar Treatment For African Americans


facial-acneIf you have ever had an accident, and a scar has appeared on your skin, you may wonder if it is possible to get rid of this unsightly mark. Depending upon how severe the actual accident was, and where the scar actually occurred, there are many variables to consider when choosing a scar treatment that is available today. Your skin color has a lot to do with how noticeable the scar will actually look.

If you have a lighter pigmentation, it is possible that the scar will go dark, making it extremely unsightly and embarrassing. However, if you have darker skin, your scars may not be as noticeable, and the treatment for removing the scars may also differ significantly. In this article, we will look at the best scar treatment for African Americans, and what you can use today in order to lighten or eliminate the scars that you have in the future.

Understanding Skin Pigmentation

There are many different types of skin color, even across different races and nationalities. Skin pigmentation, although the result of natural selection, is actually caused by a substance called melanin. Melanin is actually produced within the cells of your skin, and is the primary reason that people have darker skin.

beautiful skin (25)People with lighter skin have less melanin, and their skin color may also be due to the connective tissues under the dermis and also the hemoglobin within the red blood cells themselves. In regard to scars, these are caused by replacement cells which can be purple or red in color.

Although they may lighten over time, scars are actually part of the natural healing process, and should not be treated until after the skin has fully healed.

Treatments For Scar Tissue

The best treatment for scar tissue that most dermatologists recommend today is dermabrasion. Essentially, you are using a rough surface to sand down the upper layer of your skin where the scar tissue is, hoping that it will heal back in a lighter color.

If you have depressed scars, which appear to be indentations in the skin, there are certain injections that can be used, including collagen, to elevate the tissue to a higher level.

In modern times, lasers are used to do many different things, one of which is the treatment of scar tissue. You can also opt for surgery to remove the scar tissue, and pull the skin together after the incision to virtually eliminate the appearance of the scar itself.

Scar Tissue And African Americans


Since African-Americans have a higher degree of melanin in their skin, using scar removal creams and procedures such as dermabrasion will probably not be effective. This is because the high concentrations of melanin in their skin will simply lead to the reconstruction of the darker tissue.

Therefore, the best choice for scar removal with African-Americans is to use either laser scar removal treatments or surgery to remove the existing scar tissue. By using either one of these treatments, you can have a high probability of removing the unsightly scar, and also with the least amount of pain.

Best Scar Treatment For African Americans

There are several excellent scar treatments on the market today that your dermatologist can tell you about, one of which is called the Fraxel treatment. It has been used to help people remove wrinkles, sunspots, melasma and a variety of other skin disorders that are darker in coloration.

This is probably the best treatment for African Americans that are seeking to remove scars from their skin. Hopefully you can set an appointment with your dermatologist and talk to them about how the Fraxel treatment can help you reduce or eliminate the scars that you currently have right now.


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