The Scar Reducing Cream and Their Healing Power

The overall health of a man depends on the health of all the organs of the body. It is very important to ensure that all the body parts are treated effectively and kept in good health. The health of the skin, which is the protective organ of our body that covers our entire body, is also very important like the health of our vital organs like heart, kidney and brain etc.

There are several diseases and disorders that affect the skin regularly. Whatever may be the reasons for such disorders, they are sure to make the person suffer a lot. Hence they should be treated always with great care. The most important skin complaints include pimples, allergies, acne and scars. Scars appear due to several reasons and allergies may also be the reasons for them. There are several large numbers of creams to reduce the scars. Some herbal creams that have the Aloe Vera products are the best treatments for scars.

Among the scar reducing cream, the facial scar reducing cream is the cream that are especially manufactured for treating the scars on the face. Acne and sun damage are the most important reasons for facial scars often. They may not be able to cure the scars completely, but they help to diminish the color of scars thereby making the skin of the face smooth and beautiful.

Retinoic cream is the best facial scar reducing cream available in the market. It is also a derivative of Vitamin A. Retinoic acid helps to reduce the dryness of the skin and hence blackhead and whiteheads. The doctors prescribe the creams of different strengths based on the nature of the scars and they may even prescribe some antibiotic pills if the scars are severe. The pills are usually prescribed for the persons who are suffering from acne. The disadvantage of this cream is that it may increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sunlight. Hence sunscreen lotions are to be applied to the skin while going outside.

Silicone creams are the creams which were produced by the department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery research which was done at the Hirosaki University School of Medicine in Japan. This study was done on 47 people who had both the Keloids and hypertrophic scars. These scars were effectively healed by using the silicone cream which was made with 20% silicone oil. The study found that the cream had astonishing effects on the scars and they were healed without leaving any trace at all. Hence the doctors are advising the same cream to everyone.

The research conducted at this school subjected several large number of people who were suffering from skin scars of different types. Some of the people got their wounds dressed after applying and the remaining ones were not dressed for their wounds. After several months when both of them were tested for their scars, it became evident that dressing the wounds improves the healing speed of the scars. Nearly 82% of those people who were dressed on their wounds were healed whereas this was just 22% for those who were not dressed on the wounds.

Scar Reducing Cream to Maintain the Health of the Skin:

Scars appear on the body due to several reasons. Acne, burns, cuts, wounds and pimples are some of the most important reasons for which the scars appear on the skin. The scars also appear due to seasonal changes. They appear primarily during winter and sometimes even during rainy season also. There are several different types of scar reducing cream available in the market which help to reduce the scars.

Tretinoin is an important cream which is liked by most of the people in the world. This cream also has another name, Retin-A and it is a Vitamin A product. The research done by the researchers of Maryland Medical Center, Vitamin is one of the most important component which helps to heal the scars and maintain the health of skin. This is the best cream for reducing the wrinkles, because it produces collagen, a substance which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

The scars are of different types and their treatment also depends on their nature. They differ greatly in their size, nature, color and irritability. The depth and discoloration of the skin at the spot of scar is also very important factor which should be considered carefully before treating it. The medical experts advise to apply the cream to the place of scar before going to bed.

Maderma is yet another important scar reducing cream used by the skin care specialists. This not only heals the scars, but also helps to reduce the stretch marks. The obese people and women after delivery suffer from stretch marks especially. The skin looks like folded and it looks ugly to see. This cream takes care of all such problems to make the skin look beautiful again. Besides this, it also helps to protect the skin against the sunburn, which is once again another added qualification of this cream. This cream has to be applied half an hour before going out. Then only it can work properly and protect the skin against the sweltering sun.

Hydroquinone is also another best cream to reduce the scars. It is a best skin bleaching agent. It lightens the appearance of scars to a very great extent. It is available in 2% strength. Sometimes the skin care specialists may recommend a 4% hydroquinone for more effective treatment. This strong cream reduces the scars and age related spots that appear on the skin frequently. It contains Sodium metabisulphite, which may be allergic to some people. So care must be taken before using this cream. It is better to test by using in very small quaintly before applying it regularly on the skin.

The main intention of the scar reducing cream is to reduce the scars that appear on the skin due to several reasons, but along with that, they also several other purposes also. They help to fade the redness of skin that appears due to sunburn etc. they also help to ease the skin irritation and inflammation. They reduce the dryness of skin and replenish the moisture. The elasticity of the skin is also improved and thereby the overall health of the skin. Thus scar reducing cream serve multipurpose.