The Ulitmate Scar Cream – Mederma Cream


If you have been looking for a product that can effectively help in the removal of scars, then you must know of the Mederma cream. For the past few years, Mederma cream has been used by thousands of individuals and has been recommended by so many dermatologists. Mederma cream is not really indicated for the complete removal of scars. However, it is formulated with special ingredients to help improve the appearance of scars. It is proven effective not only for small scars but for all types of scars. If you are planning to purchase the product, you should know more about it to ensure that it is best for you.

Mederma cream

There are several sub categories for Mederma cream that works best with different types of scars. Some are formulated to significantly decrease stretch marks while some work best with surgery scars. Another type of Mederma cream has also been formulated for kids who have more sensitive skin compared to adults.

Mederma cream is one of the best products developed by the pharmaceutical company Merz. It has been receiving so many positive comments and testimonials since it was first introduced in the market. This is because it was carefully created with the best ingredients from high-class materials.

Active ingredients of Mederma cream

The effect of Mederma cream in making the scar smoother, softer and less-noticeable is made possible by its active ingredients. These compounds provide effective results without damaging the skin and causing harm. The following are the active ingredients of Mederma cream.

-Purified water to dilute the compounds and to serve as a base material.
-Red onion and bulb extract for maximum effects.
-Xanthan gum which is a common ingredient of several cosmetic products.
-Comfrey roots or allantoin which contains certain substances that promotes skin repair and skin growth.
-Methylparaben which is proven to have antimicrobial effects to prevent infection.

Side effects of Mederma Cream

When applied based on physician’s advice or by simply following the manufacturer’s directions, the Mederma cream will not cause any side effects. However, you should remember never to apply it on open wounds as the chemicals in the product may cause damages to fresh wounds.

Pros and Cons of using Mederma cream

Using the product has certain advantages and disadvantages that you must know. The following are the pros of using the product.

-It is proven safe and effective when used properly.
-Effects can be observed in as early as 8 weeks.
-The product is tested by dermatologists.
-The company provides a money-back guarantee.
-The product is available in many pharmaceutical stores as well as online.

The following are the cons of using the product.

-Individuals suffering from certain skin conditions must consult their physicians prior to the use of the product.
-You should be very careful in purchasing online to prevent buying fake Mederma creams.

When choosing a product, you should check its ingredients and active components to make sure that it is safe for your skin. Mederma cream is not only proven effective by so many studies but has also been formulated to promote your beauty and safety.


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