Scar Reduction Product Comparison Chart

There are psychological scars and those on your body. Erase them both with the top-rated scar removal creams. Mederma’s good, Revitol’s a fairly good choice, but clients were ecstatic with the results they enjoyed with Dermefface FX7. One even called it “An eraser for scars”.

Dermefface FX7
Scar Therapy
Scar Cream
Scar Cream
Dermefface FX7 Revitol Scar Cream Skinbright
Efficacy Excellent Very Good Good
Ingredients Excellent Very Good Average
Timeframe 60-90 Days 90 Days 60-90 Days
Company Reputation Excellent Good Good
Customer Support Very Good Good Average
Guarantee 90 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Cost (Six Month Supply) $33.33/Bottle $20/Jar $21/Jar
Value Excellent Good Good