Various Scar Removal Treatments At a Glance


Scars are formed on one’s skin due to the destruction of dermis of the normal skin tissues. The usual color of scars varies between pinkish and light grey which normally changes with the passage of time. There can be several reasons of appearance of scars which may include acne, damage of skin, injury, burn or any surgical process. But whatever be the cause of scars everyone become conscious about their appearance on certain parts of their body like face etc. This consciousness compels them to go for some scar removal treatments and curing processes like acne scar removal treatment etc. to get rid or reduce their appearance on their skin.

Medical Treatments for acne scar removal

Removal of acne scars through medical treatment implies that you have to consult some medical service provider like dermatologists who can suggest some surgical or application treatments for the purpose. The medical treatments suggested by the doctor depend upon the age and medical history of the patient and the severity of the scar.

Some of the medical treatments for removal of acne scars are as under:

Chemical peel: Chemical peel is used to remove the top layer of skin to remove the scar effectively but usually skin becomes tender to sunlight and appears reddish at first glance after using this procedure.

Dermabrasion: It is the most popularly and successfully used treatment for the removal of acne scars. small portions of the skin are scrapped with the particles of sand are sprayed on it in this method to remove the scarred layer of skin and get fresh, young and smooth skin ultimately.

Laser resurfacing: High-energy light is used in this process to burn away acne damaged skin. It is considered as a quickest procedure to remove acne scars.

Collagen Injections: Collagen are injected into your skin, in this process, to modify your skin tone and form. This procedure must be used with the help of a professional dermatologist.

Punch grafts: Patients with deep acne scar usually use this process. Un-scarred skin is grafted on acne scarred skin in this procedure to replace it. Scar removal creams can also be used for this purpose

Home remedies for acne scar removal

Some people use home remedies to remove acne scars effectively without using expensive medical and chemical treatments. Some of the home remedies are as under:

Almond oil: If the almond oil is massaged gently on the scarred skin, it gives effective results in removing them.

Fresh lemon or tomato juice: Tomato or lemon juice gives effective result in removing scars and curing the pores of the skin.

Cucumber: People use cucumber on the scarred skin to remove the scars for at least 15 minutes.

Banana: Apply mashed ripe banana and wash after 7 minutes to get smooth skin.

Sandalwood: Sandal wood soaked in water overnight gives positive results for the removal of acne scars.

So, whether you use medical treatment or home treatment for your acne scar removal, both the procedures are equally effective. You can choose either of them as per your own choice. You can successfully remove them from your skin.


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