What Is The Best Over The Counter Scar Cream Available Right Now?


scar on bodyMost people have scars all over their body as a result of simply living their life. They could have developed several as a result of trying to ride their bike when they were younger.

Climbing up a mountain with friends as teenagers and falling down, or surgical scars that may result from operations that you may need to have later in life.

Scars are simply a part of life, but when they are in an unreasonable position where they make you self-conscious, you really need to do something about the scars.

For this reason, people have designed many different pharmaceutical remedies in the form of topical creams using certain chemicals and ingredients that are able to lighten the scars that we all have, helping us feel better about ourselves.

But which creams are best? Should you go to your doctor to get a prescription for one, or should you use an over-the-counter remedy? Let us now look at the best over the counter scar cream available right now, one that you can start using today.

Why Scar Creams Can Help Eliminate Scars

scar creamThe first fallacy that should be addressed in regard to any type of scar cream is that you simply apply the cream and the scar magically disappears.

There is a certain process that must occur in the skin itself in order to lighten the scar to the point where it cannot be seen. The reason that we have dark scars is that there is an excess amount of pigmentation that has developed during the healing process.

It is very common because of the way that scars heal, healing in a unilateral way or one direction, opposed to the basket weave growth of normal skin that we all have on our regular epidermal layer.

For some reason, the body heals using scar tissue, and as a result melanocytes will produce, or overproduce, excessive amounts of melanin, the pigmentation that we all have in our skin, causing the scars to be extremely dark. Therefore, the answer to the question as to why scar creams can help eliminate scars is that they are able to directly address the problem which is limiting the production of melanin in the skin.

Understanding Melanin And Melanocytes

creamMelanocytes are essentially pigmentation factories that are in your skin that produce melanin.

Without melanocytes, we would all be without pigment, similar to people that you see that are albinos. The creams that you use, and the ingredients in those creams, are specially designed to affect the production of melanocytes.

By affecting production levels, or causing them to essentially stop, all of the pigmentation in the scars, as time passes by, will begin to diminish as new skin cells are produced over time, and the scars will eventually lighten.

So now that you know how the process works, you are probably wondering what type of topical cream will actually work the best. There are several to choose from, with one that is definitely a front runner in regard to over-the-counter scar creams that can help you with this issue that are both affordable and very easy to use every day.

Best Over The Counter Scar Cream

Mederma Cream The most prominent scar cream, the one that most people use, is almost always Mederma. It is based upon an onion extract that is able to also provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It can also help organize collagen production, helping to improve the condition of your skin. The many control groups that have been used to test this particular product have found that it does effectively lighten scars on most people that use the product regularly.

There are other scar creams that are available including Scarguard and Kelo-cote that have received rave reviews. In fact an advisory panel on the topic of scar management recommends Kelo-cote because of its ability to effectively treat everything from chickenpox scars to acne scars and even stretch marks.

Now that you know what options are available, and which ones are the most highly recommended and used, you can choose one of these creams in order to start the process of eliminating the scars on your skin.


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