What Is The Best Scar Cream For Children?


No matter how careful you are as a parent, your child is bound to suffer from some scrapes and bruises during childhood. This is perfectly normal, most injuries are minor, and kids are pretty good at bouncing back. One in awhile, your child might suffer from an injury that could cause a scar though. You can do a few things to prevent or reduce scarring.

Understand that scarring is skin’s natural response to an injury. It is actually a process that toughens this skin as if the body thinks that if an injury has happened here once, it might happen again. Even though scars are normal, they can be unsightly, especially if they are in visible areas like the face, neck, or hands.

The best scar cream for children is to do everything you can to prevent them while the injury is still healing Doctors recommend taking these steps. Be sure the injury is clean. Keep the wound moist. Protect it with a bandage.

To keep the wound moist, you might use some simple products that you probably already have around your house. Petroleum jelly and honey are a couple of examples. Petroleum jelly is not irritating. Honey has natural anti-biotic properties. That’s why these two products might be good choices for home remedies.

You might also purchase commercially made products at the store. Most of these products are fairly inexpensive, formulated to reduce or prevent scars, and easy to obtain. Be aware that some of these products could irritate the skin of sensitive or allergic children.

Silicone strips are often recommended by doctors as an effective way to prevent scars in healing injuries. These strips are simple to apply and provide the benefit of the active ingredient and pressure from the bandage.

What Is The Best Scar Treatment For Children Who Already Have Scars?

It is not always possible to prevent scars from forming. If your child already has a scar from an old injury, bite, scratch, or even allergic reaction, you will need something that can treat it. You can also find products that are promoted as treatments in your local store or online.

Vitamin E ointments are one solution. The vitamin is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory medication which may improve damaged skin. Just be aware that some children are sensitive or allergic to this ingredient.

Mederma is a brand name company that has become famous for its line of scar removal creams. They even make Mederma for Kids. This product comes in a purple tube and smells like grapes. The children’s version of this product has been tested to help smooth over scars.

In fact, the children’s version of this product has the same basic benefits and ingredients as the adult version. It is just more fun for kids to use!

Do You Need Medical Help?

Honestly, the best scar cream for children will depend upon the nature of the injury, how visible it is, and the extent of the scarring. In some cases, home or drug store remedies may provide a great solution. In other cases, deep or raised scars might require the services of a skin specialist.

Your doctor can advise you on different treatment options, but he may end up send you to a scar removal specialists. Your child’s pediatrician might be able to perform therapy in his office, but it is likely that he will send you to a dermatologist. These professionals might recommend laser treatments or a prescription cream or medication.

These treatments are stronger, possibly more effective, but certainly more expensive. Your medical insurance might cover some of the cost, but you might need to pay out of pocket. That really depends upon your policy and the nature of the injury that caused the scar.

What Is The Best Scar Cream For Children?

People have enjoyed success with a number of common products. Some of these are sold in stores while others are natural home remedies. In order to prevent scars on minor injuries, you might try Vaseline or honey. Alternatively, you might purchase vitamin E cream or silicone strips at the drug store.

If these are not sufficient, or your child has a medical injury, please seek advice from your family doctor right away!


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