What You Need to Know About Scar Reducing Creams

scar reducing creamsBody scars are fibrous tissue patches that replace the normal tissue which has been injured during the process of healing. Injury to the tissue of the skin may result from surgery and health illnesses, such as acne and accidents. The scar tissue layers are of very low quality compared to the normal tissue and works differently from the normal tissue as well.

Mild scars often diminish on their own with a given time period. Severe scars on the other hand are usually formed on visible parts of the body, giving a feeling of great discomfort to the affected victim. Because of this, victims tend to search for methods of removing these scars. The simplest and safest scar removal method involves the application of scar reducing creams. These creams are less expensive compared to surgical procedures and give good results even if they do so over an extended period. They are capable of correcting both minor and major scars very effectively

How Do Scar Reducing Creams Work?

There are different types of scars; some are old while others are new. Some results from acne or form after undergoing a surgical procedure. The major objective of all scar eradication creams is to reduce the thickness, size, color and height of these scars thereby making the scars less noticeable. These creams flatten up the tissues of the scars as well as soften and smoothens them, making such scars to match well with the tissues around the point of the scar. The application of the creams prevents continued growth of the scarring tissues.

The creams aid in the reduction of redness which also comes with scar marks and even an itching sensation related to them. The creams also help to balance the moisture content on the skin thereby maintaining the elasticity of the nearby skin. Before one uses any of the creams on scars that are still fresh, you must ensure that all the wounds have completely healed.
Scar Removal Creams for various parts of the body

For the Face

The choice of a scar removal skin cream to apply is determined largely by the exact location of the scar on the skin. If on the face, the cream chosen in this case must have a variety of qualities that can reduce the scars satisfactorily. Most scars that occur on the face result from acne.

Generally, face creams are not as strong as other body creams. Creams that have alpha hydroxyl acids work as abrasives to remove the top rough skin layer, thereby exposing the skin beneath and lightening any acne marks. Acne scar reducing creams are mainly antibacterial and aid in the eradication of the actual cause of these acne. Gently rub the cream on the skin until it is absorbed and ensure you do this twice a day for rapid results. Avoid the sun as it delays healing of the scars.

For the Body

Strong quality creams help to eradicate body scars as such scars are often much bigger and the body happens to be more resilient. Body scar removal creams must contain two major ingredients: the therapeutic essential oils and Shea butter. You can use such creams right after surgery to eradicate marks brought about by surgery. They also work well on old scars too. You can read online reviews, or read the products label before buying any of them.

For Dark Skin

Scars that occur on the skin usually appear like an irregular blotchy surface, making a number of people feel embarrassed. Azelaic acid cream is a natural cream that works very well on dark skin scars. This is usually available in drug stores and enhances the production of collagen in the skin. It easily absorbs through the skin and enhances the growth of new cells.

How to Select the Best Scar Reducing Cream

There are several types of creams for scars readily available in the market. Most of the scar creams are formulated to target a particular kind of scar. One must consider the actual cause of the scar before purchasing an anti-scar cream. To get rid of acne scars on the skin, for instance, you have to consider the right cream and also the part of the body where you plan to apply the cream. There are creams that are only meant for elimination of scars on the face.

Ingredient of the cream is also a factor that must be considered when purchasing the best cream to reduce the scars. The natural ingredients are usually the best option compared to chemical ingredients. Vitamin E and A and onion extract are often used in most scar reducing creams. Hydroquinone ingredient has very superior properties for scar removal.

However, it has some bleaching properties which can be very harmful to the skin.

Do scar reducing creams work?

There is no evidence, in a clinical perspective, that these scar removal creams really do work, as much as it is the question in every cream user’s mind. Randomly conducted clinical trials by the cream manufacturers tout every one of the scar removal creams as the best. Mederma, for instance, is usually seen as one of the best creams as well as scar fade, scar guard, Zen-med, scar zone and many more.

Those who have used these scar creams for quite some time have attested to the noticeable difference in the scars after their use. Time heals scars much better, hence it is not easy to tell exactly if the cream was the one responsible for the change they observed, this is a fact. Creams are also known to usually work best on recent or very fresh scars. They have no noticeable impact on scars which are old that one might desire to eliminate.

However, creams meant to remove scars are an excellent choice for people who intend to avoid dermatological surgery operations. These creams must however be used for an extended period before the user can expect the results he or she desires. This requires that you must be very patient and maintain the treatment. If, after using a particular scar removal cream, you notice some sensitivity, you should immediately discontinue its usage.